Monday, February 8, 2021

📣Labtech POS V 2.7 released with added features and improvements. 📣📣📣
🔰. Download Labtech POS V 2.7 for free.
✅ New POS 3 invoice print layout added (14)
✅ Default pay term changing option added to Part Payments module
✅ Minor improvements done in Service and Repair module
✅ Change done to make Invoicing with Sinhala and Barcodes module more user friendly
✅ Incorrect price update bug fixed in GRN module
✅ Weight Scale Barcode reading facility added to English and Sinhala barcode invoicing modules
✅ Credit date filter option added to Customer Outstanding Detail Report
✅ Language change option added to Item Search Module
✅ Grid color change on stock level feature added to Item Search Module



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